At NexVenture a qualitatively well thought out, transparent selection process lies at the basis of each successful mediation. In order to formulate a clear cut candidate profile we want to talk to you and your stake holders first to find out what the topics are in your organisation and what the factors for success are. We then develop the reason to join for candidates: what are the challenges they will find in your organisation that will fit their personality and ambition.


Step 1 The Pitch

Personal attention is the key to success. We approach potential candidates for key positions in a discrete and personal manner. We listen closely to their ambitions and will only suggest a meeting if we feel there is a definite link with the ambitions, phase of development of your company as well as the company culture.


Step 2 Objective Selection

An objective, transparent recruitment and selection method and reference check will protect your organisation from unnecessary and costly pitfalls during your search for reinforcement. NextVenture will provide insight into the qualities a candidate should add and will make sure you and your stakeholders will be on the same page. This greatly reduces the risk of a bad hire and takes the pressure off of the performance of your organisation caused by vacant key positions.


Step 3 Value creation

We believe that executives will truly add value if their personalities and ambitions fit the current life cycle of your company. To optimise the rate of success of a candidate, a six months integration programme commences on the first day of employment. In close cooperation with you we make sure that the newly appointed manager will be embedded in your organisation and team so he or she will not only do the right things but will do them well at the same time. This way you will quickly recoup your investment.


Step 4 Long Term

Excelling leaders are the key to long term success in any organisation. The ambition and passion of NextVenture reaches further then just placing the right candidate. We want to have long term relationships and honest and clear communication, with you and with the candidates.