Executive Search

Executive Search

The exponential speed with which the world changes can shake the very foundation of your organisation, your earning concept, your mindset and client perception. A serious transformation demands authentic leaders. NextVenture understands the art of how to commit innovators, builders, process managers, coaches, visionaries, communicators, strategists or change managers to your organisation. We are an executive search firm with over 20 years of experience in filling vacancies for managing  executives and members of the supervisory board. We do not discard the traditional search approach, but, given this fast changing world, we focus more on ambition, character and powers of innovation rather than experience, competencies and diplomas. 


Position types:

  • The executive who will give both direction and room to grow, He or she will serve as well as manage. 
  • The director who assesses in a critical and independent manner. He or she will safeguard the balance in a complex field of stakeholders. 
  • The manager who inspires, motivates and unites and who will get people to follow him.

Client types:

  • Your business is on the verge of a new life cycle, notwithstanding whether this involves expansion, restructuring, innovation or consolidation
  • Your organistion is in transition and needs the right executives in the right place.
  • You are looking for an executive who understands the Dutch culture, but will also feel right at home outside of the Netherlands.