Our approach

At NextVenture, we prioritize close collaboration with you to gain a deep understanding of your company’s  situation, culture, and strategic objectives, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurial mindset and team dynamics.

Subsequently, we meticulously map out potential candidates and purposefully and confidentially approach them. With interested candidates, we conduct structured interviews, supplemented by psychometric testing to ensure objective selection.

Upon the selection of the final candidate, a seamless start and effective integration within your company are pivotal. With the aim of enabling the director to swiftly and effectively add value to your company, we offer a customized onboarding and executive coaching program.

Our approach is designed to identify a director who can provide sustained value ensuring sustainable success. The selected candidate will either enter into a permanent employment or management contract with your company.

For transformations, such as strategic restructuring, operational optimization, or preparing the company for sale, NextVenture also offers the option of recruiting and selecting an interim director. In such cases, your company would enter into an interim agreement with NextVenture.

Presentation Approach & Conditions