Passing the baton

Navigating the process of transferring a company presents one of the most intricate challenges for entrepreneurs, whether it involves succession planning, transitioning to the next generation, or preparing the company for a sale. NextVenture possesses the network and expertise to secure the ideal (interim) director for your company, facilitating a seamless transition.

Our Executive Search service is dedicated to identifying candidates who seamlessly align with your company’s DNA, demonstrating leadership that is both skilled and change-oriented. Our objective is to select leaders who can drive stability and foster growth within your organization.

Confidentiality is paramount at NextVenture. As a provider of Executive Search services, we leverage a personalized, network-focused approach. Collaborating with you, we tailor succession planning and transfer strategies that are vital for the future of your company.

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Our approach

Our approach is structured in three phases: preparing, profiling, and positioning. We work closely with you to understand the culture and objectives of your organization.

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